Technical Guide

The aim of this technical brief is to provide a summary of information related to the maps and trails illustrated in the Penang Island Jungle Hikes website. Web site mapping data is stored on (OSM) and However, map displays are a critical component of this website and trails are organized by geographic area. Where necessary, external links are provided for the various trail areas included in the site particularly where points of interest (POI) may be helpful. All trail data is included as a downloadable GPX file for the benefit of technical users. A GPX file contains the GPS waypoints (latitude/longitude) and time stamp for each trail. Most if not all smart phone mapping apps are capable of uploading and showing the trail waypoints overlain on a map background in either OSM or Google Earth/Maps for instance. Technical details are given below.


Hill Jumping (2)

Penang Hikes web site provide mapping information in GPS format for hikers. Map displays are in Google Earth, Google Maps, OSM and OSM Cycle. Users can select the desired display by clicking on a drop down menu on the upper right hand corner of the map display. Functionality also includes an elevation model at the bottom of each map display which illustrates altitude in meters and overall distance in kilometers. Click anywhere on the elevation line which automatically links to point location on a map display. Zoom function is also available as well as scrolling. Drop down menu is shown below. Click on Downloads to save GPX file. The file will open in a new window and then use browser save button to save GPX file for uploads to GPS device; for example, mobile phone with mapping app.

DropDownMenu (OSM) is an open source mapping web site which utilizes crowd sourcing to compile information on trails (hiking, biking, running), roads and other information such as water bodies (reservoirs, streams, rivers). The OSM web site is an amalgamation of uploaded trails by those using GPS technology while hiking. Uploaded trials are in GPX format which most mobile apps can convert to a readable format as can dedicated hand held GPS units. OSM includes 5 different map views with OpenCycleMap being highly useful as the view includes contours. There may be no need to download individual trails provided the mobile app uses OSM as a mapping option such as Locus.

Penang National Park is a robust and comprehensive open source mapping application which provides for the input of substantial information regarding a particular trail and for each Point of Interest (POI) taken along the trail. Wikiloc offers significantly more options compared with OSM but retains important links to OSM maps. Wikiloc also uses Google Earth as the default map view but OSM provides further mapping features. Wikiloc, for example, is capable of managing significant uploaded information which can potentially include i) historical origins of a trail, ii) information on historical ruins found along trails, iii) ecological information of flora and fauna, iv) links to scientific papers or papers of general interests, and (v) URL links to other websites and relevant Youtube videos.