Youth Park

Youth Park, located off Jl. Kebon Bungah, just prior to the entrances to Moon Gate and Botanical Gardens, provides access to Trails 3, 4, 6, 7, 39 and 45 with connections to Rest Station 3, Station 5, Station 39 and access via the Moon Gate Trail to Station 84 and on to Penang Hill via the Moniot Road Trail. There is ample parking on most days and the city buses service the area regularly.  

1. (1h:49m:31s | 5.9 km) Youth Park Trails 39, 45 & Moon Gate. Starting at the parking lot (Letak Kreta) along Jl. Kebun Bunga, follow the road which passes through Youth Park until reaching a second parking lot on the left and look for the trail on the right. Passing the Flora Garden rock display, keep to the left along a broken concrete path as the trail winds its way uphill. Keeping left at the concrete path junction Trail 39 and 45 the trail passes through secondary forest and ascends rapidly. Reaching a concrete motorcycle path, turn right along Trail 45. Once past a farm house with dogs (DON'T RUN) continue ascending  up a very steep incline and then up a set of steps which leads to Station 39. Continue through Station 39 and the trail joins Moon Gate Trail. Take a right at the junction and continue down Moon Gate Trail to Rest Station 5 and finally Moon Gate Entrance. Read more here. 

Youth Park Entrance

Flora Garden Youth Park

Rifle Range, Trails 39, 45 & Batu Gantung

Junction Batu Gantung and Trail 45

2. (2h:02m:07s | 4.8 km) Circular Youth Park, Trail 7, Moon Gate, Trail 39. From Youth Park take Trail 7 towards Moon Gate Trail. Once reaching the second drain/stream crossing along Trail 7 look for an alternate trail which is on the left on the other side of the stream/drain. The trail is difficult to follow as it quite overgrown; however, the trail is marked with red paint marks which are either on tree trunks or large stones. Significant effort is required to find the paint marks so one needs to take their time. The trail eventually comes out on the Moon Gate Trail. From here, head south (turn left) until reaching the Trail 39 off to the left (marked by signs). There are actually two connector trails to Trail 39. Trail 39 heads in two directions from the junction and at this point take the route back towards Youth Park in a north easterly direction. Read more here.

Trail Marker at Junction 39

Stream-Drain Crossing

Rest Station 39

Rock Scramble

3. 1h:02m:50s | 3.3km. Youth Park, Trail 6, Station 5, Moon Gate. Enter Youth Park and walk up to the second parking lot and keep to your right to locate Trail 6. It is signposted. A total jungle hike which ascends towards the south of Rest Station 5. Passing over a creek and rocky area continue on. There are sub trails including 6.25, 6.5 and 6.75 which are all sign posted by the infamous LYK. Trail 6 joins Moon Gate Trail and at this point take a right heading north which eventually passes through Station 5. From Station 5 take the path heading north and descend along the steps until emerging at Moon Gate Entrance. See here.

Youth Park Entrance

Rock Face

Moongate Trail and Junction 6

Trail 6 Waterfall