Penang Hill

Penang Hill is the Top Station for the Funicular Train and a significant tourist destination. The train can be boarded at Bottom Station where taxis and city buses are available. Penang Hill is the start point for a number of challenging jungle hikes including Crag Hotel to Botanical Gardens, Tiger Hill to Air Itam via Summit Road and Western Hill Road, Taman Rimba via Bukit Laksamana, Batu Feringgi via the Crag Hotel Trial and southwest to Balik Pulau. Hikers can ascend to Penang Hill via various trails which dissect the east facing slope many along concrete motorcycle paths used by local farmers. City views dominate the eastern horizon with the hill side dotted with small holder farmers growing fruit and vegetables for local consumption and numerous Buddhist shrines includes the Stupas. Once ascending to the top of Penang Hill, the jungle trails are all easily accessible and for the most well signed posted by LYK which are the initials of one of Penang's better known hikers. Pretty well all jungle trials on Penang Island have been signposted by LYK. Look for the arrow shaped metal cuts posted to trees along the trail and there will be LYK's initials.

1. (5h:21m | 9.6 km) - Penang Hill, Crag Hotel, Rain Gauge 9, Butu Feringgi Junction, RG 9, Botanical Gardens. Take the Funicular Train at Ayer Itam to Penang Hill and follow the Jeep Trail towards Botanical Gardens and at the first intersection turn left towards the old Crag Hotel site to locate the trail head.  The trail access is off a drainage canal which is downhill from the multiple ruins along the top of the hill. The trail to Rain Gauge 9 is steep rapidly descending 200m to a creek crossing before ascending towards RG9. Once you reach RG9 take a left on the trail which leads towards Western Hill and meeting the junction to the PBA Aqueduct system at Batu Ferringi. Unfortunately the trail to Western Hill is blocked as its a restricted zone. You can take the PBA Aqueduct route to Batu Feringgi or back track to RG9 and continue straight. From RG 9 continue towards Teik Junction then onwards to Botanical Gardens. Read more here.

Craig Hotel

Rain Gauge 9 Junction

Restricted Area - No Entry

Stream Crossing (Restricted Area)

2. (4h:20m:54s | 13.4 km and 2h:01m:52s | 7.4 km) Penang Hill, Summit Road, Tiger Hill, Summit Road, Chili Trail, Bottom Station. The combined trails are over 20km in length.  Begin at Top Station and follow Summit Road towards Western Hill Road until locating first the Old Moniot Trail then continue on to the second trail further along which leads to Tiger Hill. Upon reaching the trail to Tiger Hill, turn left along what appears to be a road for the first few hundred metres. Along the trail you will see a sign for Tiger Hill. The trail winds its way to the main junction which leads to Balik Pulau in the west and to Air Itam to the East. The route to the top of Tiger Hill takes less than a 1/2 hour with Rain Gauge 29 marking the relative top of Tiger Hill. There are two trails visible at RG29. The trail on the right leads towards Air Itam Dam while the trail on the left leads back towards Summit Road. Head towards Summit Road if you want to take the Funicular down or backtrack along the Old Moniot Road trail which then meets up with Upper Tunnel Road. Head down the concrete roadway towards Joseph Bungalows and at the Bungalows signage located on a sharp bend, take the concrete motorcycle path on the left, commonly known as Chili Trail, which eventually leads to Bottom Station. Read more here and here.

Tiger Hill Signage

Wooden Bridge Crossing - Tiger Hill NE

Tiger Hill Y Junction - RG 29

Abandoned Farm House

3.  (7h:11m:46s | 20.9 km) Penang Hill, Western Hill, Tiger Hill, Middle Station, Bottom Station Trail. From Top Station, head towards Western Hill via Summit Road until reaching the entrance to the Bukit Laksamana Trail (Forest Challenge). Take a left and descend to a creek bed then ascend once again before descending to the lowest point between Western Hill and Bukit Laksamana. At this point, there is a trail on the left which heads south towards Tiger Hill Trail. The trail comes out at the back of a farmers field then meets a concrete motorcycle path. Take a right and continue along until reaching the Tiger Hill Trail on the left. At the peak of Tiger Hill, marked by RG 29, take the left side trail until reaching a T junction (sign posted DAM). Turn right and follow the jungle trail where it finally meets a road then turn left and follow the track up towards a Buddhist monastery. Climb the stairs through the various buildings until reaching a track then turn right and continue along until reaching a series of steps. Look for a long piece of ribbon on your right which extends down the side of a row of bushes. Follow the hedge until coming to a concrete lined pond where the trial continues on the far side. Ascend a steep forest slope which leads to an open farmers field. Pass through the farm yard in order to reach the track leading to Mon Sejour (My Place). Walk out the driveway until coming to Upper Tunnel Road. Turn right down the road until coming to the junction of Chili Trail, a motorcycle track which continues on towards Middle Station. Continue east until arriving at Middle Station. Follow the pedestrian overpass to the other side of the station and take the concrete path which leads uphill for a few hundred metres and then continue northeast where the trail winds its way past Buddhist Stupas then to the Funicular Bottom Station. Read more here.

Laksamana Trail Entrance - Western Hill Road

Western Hill and Bukit Laksamana Trail

Pond - From Monestary to Mon Sejour

Buddhist Stupa Middle Station to Bottom Station

4.  (2hr:45m | 5.69km). Penang Hill - Stupas - Middle Station - Heritage Trail - Circular. The hike is circular but is easier to navigate taking the motorcycle track which is to the north of the Penang Hill Train Station. Parking is available in the parking garage (parkade) at the base of Penang Hill. Walk back along Jl. Bukit Bendera for a few hundred metres taking a left at the second street on your left (Jl Taman Cantik). Walk along Jl. Taman Cantik for a few hundred metres then crossing a one lane bridge, take the first left up a small lane. Continue uphill passing a small temple on the left (red in color). The small lane eventually turns into a motorcycle path used by hillside farmers. There are not many motorcycles on the path but do step aside as they approach. Continue upwards until coming to a junction then keep to your left. There are a few Buddhist shrines perched along side the hill slopes. At about 280 metres, you will eventually arrive at a fantastic site of Buddhist stupas which have been erected on stone outcrops by a group of enthusiastic monks. There is a path to the right which climbs and meanders amongst the numerous stupas along with a few structures which act as storm shelters and a meeting place. There are a number of places to sit in which to take in the incredible sites and vistas of this location. It is well worth spending some time in this area before heading down. The main path continues to the south and passes a number of junctions (keep left) as the path leads towards Middle Train Station. To the left and just below Middle Station the trial gives way to the entrance/exit archway of the Heritage Trail first constructed in 1890. The Heritage Trail is a long set of approximately 3000 steps which leads to the Penang Hill Station. Once reaching the bottom of the steps turn left along the small roadway then make your way past a large temple. Once reaching a parking lot you can take a short-cut to the Station by crossing the lot to the far side to locate the back entrance to the Station itself. The path emerges directly in front of the Penang Hill Station.

Corner of Jalan Taman Cantik


Stone Statues

Heritage Trail