National Park

Penang National Park (Taman National) is the most organized hiking area in terms of protocol (you must sign in) but otherwise has a number of interesting and challenging trails. The Park spans 1,200ha and is habitat to over 400 flora and 140 fauna species. Natural attractions include the hill / lowland dipterocarp forests, mangrove forest areas, sandy beach habitats, a seasonal meromictic lake and the open coastal seas. Because of its remote location, the park's beaches are considered among the best in Penang and include Teluk Bahang, Monkey Beach, Pantai Kerachut, Teluk Kampi and Pantai Mas. Teluk Bahang Beach is the easiest to reach by a flat paved path but the others require hiking along the shore line first ascending local hills then descending to beach coves along the coast. Jungle trails lead to Pantai Kerachut, one of the most frequented beaches with a suspension bridge connecting the trail to the beach. There are two major trails in the Park, leading to Muka Head lighthouse and Pantai Kerachut respectively. For further information click here.

1. (4h:34m:30s | 12.6 km) Taman Negara Circular Bukit Batu, Teluk Kempi. Begin hike from Pulau Penang National Park main gate. The trail initially follows the coast line allowing for unfettered views of the bay. The forest cover is primarily secondary growth as the area was logged in the past. Ascending towards Bukit Batu, there are a couple of storm shelters on the way as well as picnic tables. The trail includes ropes which are useful for pulling your way along as the climb is steep in places. At the peak, take the right junction which leads to Teluk Kampi and Pantai Kerachut all signposted. Once reaching the beach backtrack towards to the Teluk Kampi and Pantai Kerachut junction then turn left and follow the trail towards Kerachut Beach. The trail splits near the Lake Meromitic with one heading towards the beach to the west or to the east around the edge of the lake. Cross over the concrete bridge at the eastern edge of the lake following the concrete set of stairs upwards. Follow the trail to the Batu Bukit Junction but continue straight for a couple of hundred metres then take a left at the Sungai Tunkun Junction onto the Canopy Walk Trail. You will eventually reach the coast and turn right back towards the park entrance. Read more here.

Pulau Penang National Park

Teluk Bahang (Bay)

Main Junction Bukit Batu UHC Trail

Walkway Meromitic Lake

2. (3hr.17m | 8.4km) Taman Negara, Bukit Batu United Hokkien Cemetery. Enter Taman Negara (National Park) gates, and following registration, follow the trail at sea level finally turning east onto the Bukit Batu Trail to ascend before reaching the peak of Bukit Batu (433m). The descent is to the north emerging at the top of the United Hokkien Cemetery. From there it's about 1 km to the main road. Read more here.

Guide Rope

Batu Feringgi view

Bukit Batu Rest Stop

United Hokkien Cemetary

3. (4hr. | 11 km.) Taman Negara, Muka Head Lighthouse. Enter Taman Negara (National Park) gates, and following registration, follow the undulating trail, while at sea level, ascends and descends along the way.  Keep right at the various junctions and you then come to Turtle Beach which is the home of the University Sains Malaysia marine research institute. Continue to the far end of the beach and re-enter the trail which ultimately comes out on Monkey Beach a popular camping and recreational area. It's become a bit over run by local hawkers selling drinks food, beach wear and other paraphernalia. There are are a few horses for rent and a number of jet skiis also for rent. Head to the far end of the beach to locate the trail which leads to the Muka Head Lighthouse. There are a few storm shelters in the event of rain or a quick rest. The trail largely comprised of broken stone and deteriorating concrete steps. The lighthouse is at about 200m above sea level and the area is open with a storm shelter and toilets available.

Muka Head Lighthouse – National Park