Moon Gate

Moon Gate Entrance is a round shaped opening resembling a full moon, and thus referred to as a moon gate in Chinese architecture. Moon Gate Entrance is located along Jalan Kebun Bunga, just before Botanical Gardens. There is off and on-street parking and city buses service this route on a scheduled bases. The trail entrance is known historically as the heritage gateway to a 19th century mansion – now lying in ruins situated some 15 minutes walk up the trial. Moon Gate entrance provides access to hikers for many of the trials which circle and ascend Bukit Cendana including Wildboar Trial, Cendana Trail, Peace Trial with side access to Trails 3, 6, 7, 39 - and Waterfall and Rife Range Trail on the western side of a valley. A route to Penang Hill is accessible through this area.  To gain a sense of the many trails around Moon Gate click here.

1. 4hr:54m:57s | 13.4km. Moongate, Buddhist Stupas, Claremont and Viaduct Stations, Station 84 to Station 46, 1500 Steps to Botanical Gardens. Enter Moon Gate entrance and ascend the trail towards Rest Station 5 where the trail continues on the opposite side. Circling Bukit Cendana there is an abandoned rest stop on your left. Pass through the camp to locate the ongoing trail which passes through the back of a property (beware of dogs). After exiting a gate, the trail meets a motorcycle path. Turn right and continue up the hill until reaching the Buddhist Stupas - which are amazing. From the Stupas, continue towards the Funicular Middle Station. Prior to the station, turn right and continue uphill towards Claremont Station followed by Viaduct Station and Lower Tunnel Road. Passing under the Funicular Viaduct look for a trail on the right descends towards Station 84. On the other side of 84 take the trail  on the right just behind the public washroom. Follow the trail to Station 47 which is on the corner of Jeep Road. Cross the road and follow the path until reaching Station 46. From there descend the "1500 Steps" to Botanical Gardens. Read more here.


Moongate Rest Station 5

Stupa 3

Claremont Station

2. 1h:58m.21s | 4.4km. Moon Gate, Wildboar, Bukit Cendana and Waterfall Trail.  Enter at the Moon Gate Entrance and take first right up onto Wildboar Trail and continue towards Bukit Cendana. You will come across the Poh Yau Kia Junction where you take a right onto the Peace Trail. There are a couple of stream crossings with rope and bamboo bridges or shallow creeks depending on recent rains. Take the trial up towards the back of Rest Station 5 then follow the trail to the top of Bukit Cendana. From there begin the decent towards Poh Yau Kia Junction. Follow the trail heading northeast which meets up with the Waterfall Trail. The end of the trail emerges just to the west of the Moon Gate Entrance on Jl. Kebun Bunga.

Wildboar Trail

1st Rope Bridge

Stream Crossing to Bukit Cendana Trail

Poh Yau Kia Junction

3. 2h:08m.36s | 5.2km. Moon Gate Via Wildboar, Moon Gate Trail, Trail 39  to Youth Park Trail. Start from Moon Gate and then take the first right onto Wildboar Trail and ascend towards Station 5. Reaching the Peace Trail Junction turn east towards Rest Station 5 and from there head south along the Moon Gate Trail until reaching the entrance to Trail 39. Trail 39 is marked in paint on a rock at the junction. After entering the trail, there is a Y junction: the left leading back to Youth Park and to the right towards Rest Station 39 which is usually visited by local hikers.

To Station 5 & Bukit Cendana Trail

Rope Bridge Crossing

Stream Crossing on Trail 39

Trail 39 Stone Marker

4. 5h.00m.02s | 14.9km. Moon Gate, Wildboar, Bukit Cendana Trail  to Rest Station 84, Viaduct Station, Middle Station, Upper Road to Botanical Garden Via Rest Station 46. Begin at Moon Gate then take first right onto Wildboar Trail then continue to ascend along Bukit Cendana Trail to the peak of Bukit Cendana (525m). Look for a concrete marker on your left along the ridge and locate the steep descent to the Moon Gate Junction and turn right towards Station 84. On the south side of the the rest stop, follow the Moniot Trail up to the viaduct and then take the trail down to Viaduct Station, Claremont Station and then pass over the Funicular tracks at Middle Station. Ascend along Chili Trail, which is a motorcycle trail for local farmers, in order to reach the Upper Tunnel Road. Following along the paved road eventually reconnects with the Moniot Trail and then return to Station 84. Return is via the jungle trail on the north side of Station 84 and comes out at Station 47 on a corner of Jeep Road and take the path towards Station 46 after which take "1500 Steps" on your right to descend to Botanical Gardens.

1st Rope Bridge

Claremont Station (450m)

Prayer Stop

Rest Stop 84

5. 1h:37m:24s | 3.1 km. Moon Gate, Wildboar, Peace Trail Via Poh Yau Nak Junction and Poh Yau Kia Junction, along Peace Trail to Botanical Gardens Quarry. Begin at Moon Gate and begin ascending until taking the first right onto Wildboar Trail. Continue to ascend along a steep slope, bypassing several junctions that lead to the left towards the Moon Gate Trail until reaching the sign posted Poh Yau Nak junction (Sua Tu Kia - Wildboar in Hokkien). Take the right hand trail which crosses over large boulders and a small creek. Once reaching the other side of the creek there is a small diameter disused water pipe. Turn left along the trail which then steeply ascends towards Poh Yau Mak Junction. This marks the highest point for this hike at 290 metres. Continue west along the Peace Trail eventually passing a small creek and waterfall (depending on rainfall). At this point the trail turns to the northeast eventually reaching Poh Yau Kia Junction. From this point the trail descends rapidly towards the quarry. There is one last junction before reaching the Quarry and is sign posted '.8km to Jeep Road' (this is alternative route but takes you to the Jeep Road where you can descend back to Botanical Gardens along the paved roadway). Keeping to your right follow the trail which skirts the top of an old quarry. The quarry pit has been converted into an open air amphitheater which is beautifully set within the old quarry boundaries. A few 100 metres further brings you to the Botanical Gardens entrance. 

Moongate Entry Exit

Poh Yau Mak Junction

Rock Scramble

Poh Yau Kia Junction