Taman Rimba

Taman Rimba, or Forestry Park, is located across from the Teluk Bahang Dam. There are numerous jungle trails which either circle the boundary of the park, pass through, or link up with Batu Feringgi and the PBA Aqueduct System, Bukit Laksamana (725m) and eventually to Western Hill Road (800m) with eventual access to Penang Hill. Climbs to Junction 12 (360m) and 13 (380m) are rope guided due to steepness and to Bukit Lasamana an undulating but upward trek.  

1. (2h:09m:05s | 5.5 km) Taman Rimba Circular Trail to Junction 13 & 12. The Taman Rimba circular route starts at the Forestry Station taking a left at the far end of the children's play ground. This is a circular route which runs along a gently sloping trail surrounded by jungle before ultimately ascending along the ridge line up quite a steep slope aided by ropes to Junction 13 (380 metres). At Junction 13, the trail either continues north (left) towards the PBA Aqueducts and to Chin Farm at Batu Feringgi or turning right (south) the trail continues towards Junction 12 (Bukit Laksamana is to the north at 725m). A rain gauge is located about half way to Junction 12. The trail then descends along a steep slope, again with ropes provided, back towards the forestry station. Read more here.

Taman Rimba Entrance

Junction 12

Junction 1 Taman Rimba

Stream Crossing Taman Rimba

2. (2h:10m:15s | 4.2 km) Taman Rimba Figure 8 Route. Starting at the Taman Rimba entrance, follow the path which is parallel to the stream which feeds a series of concrete pools. Taking the steps leads to the forestry park area itself. This is a figure 8 walk which traverses most of the lower ecological zones. Part of the trail is overgrown and the trail must be searched. Keep an eye out for either blue paint or plastic wrapped around the odd tree. Most other trails are marked especially junctions. There are few people on the trails even on Sundays. Read more here.

Junction 1 Taman Rimba

Junction 8 Taman Rimba

Steam Crossing

Rain Gauge 28

3. (3h:35m:20s | 6.8 km) Taman Rimba to Bukit Laksamana to Western Hill Road. The trial is also known as the Penang Hill Forest Challenge Trail if starting along Western Hill Road. The distance shown is one way so if you have to return to the car park at Taman Rimba you should double the distance and time i.e. 14km over 7 hours. The other alternative is once reaching Western Hill Road turn right and walk out to Penang Hill (do not turn left as there is a restricted area located further down the road). You can either take the train down to Ayer Hitam or hike down or take an alternate route to Botanical Gardens. From the entrance of Taman Rimba, follow the trail towards Junction 12 (360m). This is a steep climb with ropes to assist the hiker. The trail steadily ascends towards Bukit Laksamana (740m) before heading East descending into the valley and once reaching a stream crossing a steep climb before reaching Western Hill Road (760m). Read more here.

Taman Rimba Steps

View Teluk Bahang

Rock Climb

Western Hill Road Trail Entrance

4. (1hr:30min | 4.86km) Taman Rimba - Jl. Teluk Bahang Circular. The trail begins within the gates of Taman Rimba (Forestry Park). Passing by the concrete pools the trail climbs a set of concrete steps which leads to the trail itself. The trail passage follows a ridge line which passes a number of junctions which are well marked. Creeks flow on both sides of the steep ridge. Just prior to the Junction 11 sign there is a trail which continues in a southerly direction. The trail is a bit overgrown but is easily followed over level terrain. The trail then emerges into an open field which appears to be a forestry pilot project. Head in a westward direction which leads towards an older wooden structure. Cross over the creek via wooden planks and continue along the well defined trail. The trial comes out along the main road of Jl. Teluk Bahang. Follow the road north to return to Taman Rimba. The Teluk Bahang Reservoir and Dam form a fantastic contrast with the Malacca Straits visible to the north. It is possible to walk across the top of the dam wall. Simply ask the security post official for permission. There is a shelter on the other side as well as washroom facilities. There are views across the reservoir as well as the Malacca Strait to the north.



Taman Rimba Steps