Carla’s Peak

Carla's Peak Trail begins at the corner of Jl. Lembah Permai, Tanjung Bungah. A Hindi shrine dominates the street corner. The entrance serves as access to a PBA water facility and further along, a water bottling plant. Follow the access path on the right which leads to the trail entrance gate. The gate was not locked at the time but is held closed by a piece of wire so those passing through should ensure the gate is closed behind the last person through. Follow along the overgrown roadway which must be traversed in a couple of sections due to fallen trees. Once reaching an open field of grass, on the left is a gated barrier to PBA water facilities and on the right is an access to Carla's Peak to left of a stack of large diameter pipe from previous construction.

1. (2h:39m:57s | 5.5 km) PBA Permai, Carla's Peaks, Beverly Hills.  Carla's Peak Trail begins on the left hand side of the pipes. Follow the trail until reaching a concrete dam and reservoir and cross over the dam wall and the trail continues into the jungle. The ascent is extremely steep (60% or 30 degrees) and overgrown in places being about a 300 metre climb from the dam. Once reaching the peak the trail levels out for a few hundred metres.  The descent is far easier going compared with the ascent on the south facing slope. Nearing the bottom of the trail there is an old abandoned stone building adjacent to a seasonal creek. Crossing over the creek the trail emerges to the Beverly Hills housing development. Read more here.

PBA Permai Entrance

Carla's Peak Entrance

Carla's Peak Trail

Water Supply Dam