Bukit Olivia

Bukit Olivia Trails are accessible from the north side of Jl. Kebun Bunga directly across from the Moon Gate Entrance although can also be accessed from Botanical Gardens as well. There are two access routes to the main trail leading up to the peak. From the top you can either proceed northeast towards Fettes Park near Jl. Erskine or west towards the Mountain Bike Trail and then down either to the Lily Pond or 1500 Steps to descend to the Botanical Gardens. Either way is it a great hike, easily accessible, and your not likely to run into anyone except for the local wild life including wild boar.

1. (2h:23m:04s | 7.4 km)  Bukit Olivia, Mountain Bike Trail (MTB), Air Terjun Bridge, 1500 Steps, Botanical Gardens. The trail to Bukit Olivia is directly across from the Moon Gate Entrance. Keep straight as you pass over the Waterfall Bridge and pass through the undergrowth where you will see the trail head signposted. There is a steep 2 metre embankment at the beginning of the hike but once that it overcome the trail winds it's way up towards the peak at 260m. There is plenty of undergrowth so if disoriented look for painted markers on tree trunks on the ascent. There are a few LYK signs as well a famous local hiker. The peak is marked by a large granite block and brick debris. The granite block is the junction point for trails which lead either to the junction of Coronation Trail and then MBT to the left or eastwards towards the northern end of the MBT near Fettes Park. Turn west (left) and follow the trail to MBT then take a left again until reaching the Station 46 and Crag Hotel Trail (signposted). At the the junction take a left which leads to Air Terjun Bridge which then passes by Rain Gauge 2 followed by the Air Terjun (Waterfall) bridge crossing. Continue straight until reaching 1500 steps and then descend to Botanical Gardens. Read more here

Bridge to Bukit Oliva Trail

Bukit Oliva Trail Marker

Bukit Oliva Peak Stone Marker

Rain Gauge 2

2. (3hr | 7km) Bukit Olivia, Fettes Park, Mountain Bike Trail, Lily Pond, Botanical Gardens. Trail begins at Waterfall Bridge to top of Bukit Olivia. Turn right to the east and begin a gradual descent towards the Hokkien Cemetery. The trail passes over the upper ridge of the cemetery and continues towards the MBT and Fettes Park. City skyscrapers come into view through the trees so just keep heading in a westerly direction down the slope. The trail eventual comes out at the MBT then take a left and follow the trail until reaching the junction of Bukit Olivia Trail which connects to Coronation Trail then left down the Lily Pond Trail to Botanical Gardens. The Lily Pond Trail is a very steep descent and there are thick ropes to assist when descending but it is slow going given the steep decent. 

Waterfall Bridge

Cemetery Hokkien

Red Bark Trees

Coronation Trail Signage