Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens provides for access to a number of trails. The "1500 Steps" is the most common route taken for those going up to Rest Station 46 or on towards Penang Hill to the south or Penang Hill via the Crag Hotel Trail via Teik Junction: a back door route to Penang Hill and Western Hill or Tanjung Bungah via Teik Trail - all in different areas. There is also a connecting route to the Mountain Bike Trail (MBT) to Fettes Park and the various Bukit Olivia trails emerging at Jl. Kebun Bunga across from Moon Gate. For images of Botanical Gardens click here

1. (1hr | 2 km) Botanical Gardens, 1500 Steps, Station 46, 1500 Steps Botanical Garden. From the Botanical Garden entrance follow the service road on the left as it winds it's way up the hill passing a shelter on the right hand side the trail entrance is to the left. Ascend along 1500 Steps until reaching a flat contour junction then take a left then climb the remaining stairs to the top where Station 46 is located. To descend walk north along the path until reaching a set of stairs and descend back towards 1500 Steps and then back to Botanical Gardens. 

Botanical Gardens Entrance

Botantical Garden 1500 Steps

Rest Station 46

1500 Steps

2. (1h:38m:30s | 4.0 km) Botanical Gardens, Paramont Trail, Mountain Bike Trail (MTB), Coronation Trail, Bukit Olivia, Waterfall Bridge. From Botanical Garden Gate, take right hand service path towards the PBA reservoir. Prior to the reservoir there is a small bridge and on the right there is an unmarked path to Paramont Trail. It's a steep climb towards Parliament Rest Stop. At the ridge junction, turn right and continue along the MBT until meeting Parliament Rest Station. Return to the MBT down the slope to the west and continue in north until reaching the Lily Pond Trail on the right. Follow along Lily Pond Trail heading uphill a short distance where it meets the Coronation Trail junction (signage on tree). Turn left and continue along until reaching yet another Y junction. Keep to your right and then follow the trail to Bukit Olivia. Take a right then descend until reaching Waterfall Creek which runs parallel to Jl. Kebun Bunga across from Moon Gate. Read more here.

Paramont Trail Entrance

Parliament Shortcut to 46

Parliament Rest Stop

Lily Pond Trail

3. (1h:51m:46s | 5.42 km (one way) Botanical Gardens, Station 46, 47, 84, Moniot Road, Viaduct Road East Road, Penang Hill. From Botanical Gardens take "1500 Steps" up to Rest Station 46 . Head south towards Station 47 located at the corner of Jeep Road. Cross the road and locate the trail on the left by the drain. The jungle trail parallels the road and keep right until Station 84. On the far side of Station 84, the Moniot Road Trail begins. Keep right when coming to the first junction where the trail climbs steeply for about 50 metres. Continue along the trail passing three foot bridges along the way. Watch for mountain bikes. After yet another steep climb the trail meets Viaduct Road East. Turn left and pass underneath the Viaduct and over a small bridge. Turn right at the set of stairs which leads past private homes as you ascend to Upper Tunnel Road (note: not the stairs which go to the water tank). Continue up this steep windy path until reaching a concrete paved road which continues to climb towards "Top Station". Take the paved walkway to the left and and is sign marked and stone gated. There is a food court and cold drinks available and occasionally quite busy with tourist who come up by the Funicular train. Read more here.

Rest Station 46

Trail Works

Foot Bridge Crossing

Take Steps After Viaduct

4. (1h:38m:30s | 4.0 km) Botanical Gardens, Parliament Trail, Mountain Bike Trail (MBT), 1500 Steps. Pass through Botanical Gardens keeping right along sealed service road until reaching steps on your right side which reconnects with upper service road. At a small bridge locate an unmarked jungle trail on the right and begin a steep ascent to 200 metres. At the ridge there is a junction marked 46, keep right until reaching the Parliament Rest Station. There is also a short cut to Station 46 from this junction. Reaching Parliament Rest Station turn approximately 100m west down slope to connect with the MBT. The MBT follows along the contour to the south and north. Take a left on the MBT and follow the ascent which joins the Crag Hotel Trail which is signposted. Watch for the 46 sign and take a left at the junction and the pass Rain Gauge 2 and then a small foot bridge which crosses over Air Terjun (Waterfall) Creek. Please note: this is a restricted water catchment zone so care must be taken. The trail then meets the 1500 steps which lead back down to Botanical Gardens. Read more here.

Mountain Bike Trail 

Rain Gauge 2

Bridge PBA Near 1500 Steps

Junction BG Steps to Mountain Bike Trail

5. (5h:25m:30s | 8.2 km) Botanical Gardens, Teik Junction, Haunted House, Teik Quarry, Tanjung Bungah. From Botanical Gardens keep left on paved service road until reaching the junction for the 1500 Steps on the left. Follow the steps to the first contour junction and turn right and keep right as you continue down the path passing another set of steps on the left but keep right. Cross the bridge over Waterfall Creek and continue on to where the trail meets the Mountain Bike Trail. Take a left at junction and watch for posted sign for Rain Gauges 4, 6, and 9 which marks the beginning of the Crag Hotel Trail via Teik Junction. After a couple of kilometers the trial meets the Teik Junction which is sign posted. Take a right until meeting another junction on the right which  leads to the  "Haunted House". The trail to Teik Quarry continues on the other side of the house ruins. Keep to your left when coming across the Y junction. The trail is poorly marked but finally emerges at Teik Quarry, Tanjung Bungah. Read more here.


Rock Painting

Huanted House

Teik Quarry

6. (1h:12m | 3 km) Botanical Gardens, 1500 Steps, MBT, Water Fall Trail Gardens Circular. 
Enter Botanical Gardens and keep to the left on the paved service road until reaching "1500" steps which is on the left hand side. The steep steps ascend towards a T junction. Upon reaching the junction follow the trail along the contour to the right. Passing a junction on your left, keep right until reaching the bridge which crosses over Sungai Air Terjun (Waterfall River). A dozen metres on, there is Rain Gauge No. 2 on your right. Continue along the trail until reaching another T junction. To the left is a trail to Crag Hotel (Penang Hill) and to the left is Mountain Bike Trail (MBT). Turn right along MBT and follow the jungle trial. At the highest point, there is a  a set of broken steps which is the location of a previous 'vacation camp' long since abandoned. Continue along the trail until reaching the Waterfall Trail Junction on your right hand side - there is a large fallen tree just prior to the trail entrance, otherwise the trail is unmarked. It is a steep climb down and the trail is marked with red paint on the sides of trees along the way. There is a Y junction about half way down. The right trail leads to the PBA waterfall which is a restricted area. Keep to your left and continue down the hillside until reaching the Botanical Gardens. Emerging from the jungle, then turn left and follow the paved service road back to the park entrance.

Botanical Gardens Entrance

1500 Steps - Botanic Garden

Bridge PBA Near 1500 Steps

Rain Gauge 2