Batu Feringgi

Batu Feringgi is situated in the northern coastal area of Penang Island and is the start point for a number of great hikes. Batu Feringgi is considered a tourist location given the proximity lo local beaches. There are two access routes local trials the first being from the Chin Farm location across from the Bayview Beach Resort and the second is off of Jl. Sungai 1.  There are three hikes shown here with the first an easy walk along the PBA Aqueduct System in addition to two challenging jungle hikes. For the later two hikes, take plenty of water and snacks.

1. (1h:21m:38s | 6.0 km) The PBA Aqueduct System. The aqueduct system is quite literally an engineering marvel having been constructed in the early part of the 20th Century. The service road is paved and is very pleasant easy walk. Access can be gained via Chin Farm or Jl. Sungai 1 where the main PBA gate is located. The structure provides domestic water supply for a significant part of Penang Island with large diameter pipes, open aqueduct and water treatment facilities at Batu Feringgi. There are a number of disused storage facilities along the path that exhibit interesting architectural features. Read more here.

Chin Farm Signage

PBA Aqueduct Gate

Aqueduct Storage Facilities

Weir and Reservoir

2. (7h:22m:59s | 14.8 km) PBA Aqueduct to Bukit Cempedak Circular Route. The begins inside the PBA Aqueduct System near the cannon which stips atop a small hill. The trail is accessed from either Chin Farm Waterfall or Jl. Sungai 1. The hike ascends to the peak of Bukit Cempadek at 500m then to about 800m as the trail passes near Western Hill - the highest point on Penang Island. There are a few landmarks which includes rain gauge stations, junctions leading to Botanical Gardens or Penang Hill, and creek crossings as one comes full circle to the start point. The trail is approximately 15km and takes about 7 hours to complete. Read more here.

Aquaduct Leaf Cleaner

Bukit Cempadek Trail Entrance

River Crossing

Feringgi River Crossing

3. (2h:35m:44s | 7.5 km) PBA Gate to Junction 12 - Taman Rimba. From the main PBA Gate off of Jl. Sungai 1, this route takes you past the aqueduct system until reaching the Batu Feringgi Dam/Reservoir (trail can also be accessed from Chin Farm). To locate the trail entrance to Junction 13 and 12 which is the eastern edge of Taman Rimba Park, you must cross over on the downstream side. On the western side of the stream you will see a sign posted on a tree which marks the jungle trail start (see photo). The hike steeply ascends first to Junction 13 then along the ridge towards Junction 12. You can either return to the start point or descend to Taman Rimba at Teluk Bahang or continue on to Bukit Laksamana at 725m and then on towards Western Hill then Penang Hill. Read more here.

PBA Security Gate

Batu Feringgi Dam

Trail Entrance to Teluk Bahang

Junction 12