Jungle Hiking Areas

Penang Jungle Hiking is a lesser advertised Penang attraction. Known mostly to local hiking enthusiasts, is the great jungle hiking in the interior hills of Penang Island. There are a number of areas around Penang Island where multiple jungle trails can be accessed. Hills such as Laksamana, Tiger, Carla, Olivia, and Bukit Batu - bukit meaning hill in Malay, are all there to be challenged. There are literally hundreds of jungle trails that are easily accessible from various locations around the island: the National Park, the Forestry Park (Taman Rimba), Youth Park, Botanical Gardens, Moon Gate etc. Every trail is unique with some trails an easy walk but many that provide a full-on challenge as ascents can reach as high as 800 metres above sea level (2600ft). Times can range from less than an hour to over seven hours (plenty of water and snacks are highly recommended for longer hikes). Vegetation varies from secluded small holder gardens to dense heavily treed jungle. The variety is absolutely stunning.

Make your selection of a hiking area from top menu or  the widget buttons below in order to link to detailed information regarding mapping, trail name, elevations, distance and approximate time it takes to complete. There are two or more trails in each area for a total of 26 individual trails. Additional areas and trails will be added once conquered. Areas include [to locate an area click here and type in the area name in Google Maps]: