Penang Video

Penang Video - Youtube was designed to give the user the necessary background information about the great hiking opportunities on the the Island of Penang. Hiking areas are numerous and quickly accessible from many points around the island. To enhance the content of a YouTube Penang Video is included. Penang video highlights the many attractions to be found on Penang Island. Penang Video also includes a great soundtrack which plays throughout. Beginning with a 20 km bridge crossing from the mainland which crosses the Penang Straits from Peninsular Malaysia, to depiction of life in the sprawling urban landscape and fascinating scenes of the UNESCO designated historical Georgetown, the video shots are spectacular. Take a great ride on the modernized Funicular train to the top of Penang Hill. Penang Hiill is a key start point for many of the hiking trails which criss-cross the island east to west and north to south. Also depicted is the coastal areas around the National Park as well as a view towards Peninsular Malaysia. Penang Video provides an overall picture of the exciting and multi-ethnic composition of the people, the incredible food varieties available on in many of the food courts of Penang Island along with a number of spectacular street scenes.  For those that have never been to Malaysia, Penang Video is a useful place to begin a hiking adventure and an exciting start to get to know the location of incredible Penang hiking areas. Trekking or hiking is a great way to get to know the hidden jungle secrets around the entire island.



Kek Lok Se Temple View

Locks Penang Hill

Pantai Teluk Kampi

Venucular Train