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Penang Hikes focuses on jungle hiking on the Island of Penang with over 30 great trails ranging from easy to difficult so there are options for most every fitness category. Penang's coastal areas are densely settled but the forest covered hills of Penang offer a glimpse into the wonders of tropical rain forests that provides a perfect environment along with many challenging hiking trails. Whether on a short trip to Penang or residing locally, jungle hiking offers an inexpensive means to keep fit and stay in touch with nature. The flora and fauna found on Penang Island is truly amazing. Monkeys (macaques and langurs), wildboar, numerous species of exotic snakes and hundreds of species of plant life can be seen on many of the hikes. Hikers will not be disappointed with the range of hiking activities which is pretty well endless. For jungle hikers who also enjoy an urban environment, with all available amenities, but like to 'get away from it all', Penang Island has a lot to offer.


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The contents of Penang Hikes provides information on Penang Island with links to relevant web sites. Penang Hikes provide an introductory background to the island's history, available amenities, and public transportation options. Also included are a couple of Youtube videos for information about Penang and the Rapid Bus system which plies the island. A technical guide is also included for those who are interested in the mapping of trails, download options for GPS tracks and of course the many trail options. Map view options can be selected to show satellite or terrain views which also includes contour information. Complete trail descriptions with time and distance are included along with links to other sites where trail data is stored. Finally, photos of the various scenes along the trail routes are included for each trail as well as comprehensive photo gallery. A 'contact form' is provided in the event further information is required.  

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Wagler Pit Viper

Foot Bridge

Wild Mushroom

Old Ruins